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When hosts get at least 5 guests to join up, hosts get the party FREE.


Have fun learning how to paint by following along LIVE. Painters get a Live Stream (Bob Ross) style guided painting to follow along with plus  Bonus Downloadable Painting Guide to help them create their masterpieces. 

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About Virtual Paint Parties

Even before Covid, our world has consistently been moving toward online learning. It provides flexibility and the ability to enjoy the learning experience from the comfort of your own home. As more and more people learn the ins and outs of streaming technologies, Virtual Experiences will become more mainstream. 

I bring to you... Virtual Paint Parties!

Anyone of any skill level can enjoy learning to paint with live instruction in your own home. Share the experience with friends and family. When you host a paint party - you get the party FREE when at least 5 guests join. 

Why Paint With Me?

As an Online Art Teacher experienced with planning classes and creative assignments, I have spent a lot of time creating paint projects that anyone of any skill level can enjoy! It takes time and planning to design an illustration with the beginner painter in mind - so that one can begin learning the basic fundamentals without feeling overwhelmed.

Not Only Do Guests Receive Live Instruction. . .

All guests will receive a Downloadable & Printable PDF Painting Guide. This guide will include a Line Art Example of the project to help painters quickly sketch the painting layout on their canvas. A Color Planning Guide is also included along with a Color Mixing Guide to help painters quickly and easily mix colors during instruction. Any tips and definitions will also be included in the guide to not only make learning fun and easy but to help explain basic concepts.

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