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In 2016, I decided I wanted to make a comic book - greatly underestimating the work and ability required to do so. However, I began the journey and, through patience and practice, began publishing my first comic online, Hooked On You
My art career has brought me many exciting opportunities - from creating interpretive design for parks, illustrating a storyboard for a local commercial, to teaching art classes online. I'm discovering that the possibilities are endless.
As I grow as an artist, my creative goals grow with me. My vision for 2021 is to create more art influenced by current pop culture and fandoms while also teaching others how to tap into their own creative juices. Art has brought me so much happiness that I feel the need to share it with others!
Mel attended college at Allegany College of Maryland and graduated with two degrees (one in Applied Technical Studies and another in Multimedia Technology). She received a Certificate in Graphic Design along with a Letter of Recognition in Photography.  
Her past work includes logos, business cards, and brochures for small local businesses as well as some interpretive design work for Lens Creek Studios (an exhibition design and fabrication company).